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Art In The Park

Join me and over 100 other fabulous NZ artists in the main hall at New Zealand's National Stadium, Eden Park.
Where you will enjoy a visual feast of artwork as well as the ever popular sculpture walk.
Eden Park Stadium
Walters Road
Mount Eden, Auckland
19th - 22nd September
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Latest Work

View current work available and recently sold pieces. For any questions about this work please feel free to contact via this website or direct message via facebook or Instagram.


My recent series of artworks inspired from my 1980's childhood memories of toys, games and television. 3D elements and resin finish combined with connections between current and nostalgic pop culture make these works interestingly relatable.

Fench pup pop sq

Animal Instinct

A series of earlier artworks inspired from my love of animals and their unique personalities. Here you will see Pop style as well as some early realism work.

About Clint

Clint Christian is an award winning contemporary New Zealand artist focused on creating unique modernist works that are bold and relatable.


His work is varied in style, themes and mediums, while he shares his own personality that has a desire to invoke happiness curiosity and memories.
Works are generally large canvas paintings or wood panel/resin pieces, some of which are delving into the realms of sculpture.

Prior to Clint becoming a full time artist he was an architectural designer which comes through in his work that incorporates a very graphic style with composition, colour and contrast the major features within his work.

Clint gained notoriety for his animal pop portrait series ‘Animal Instinct’ during 2020/21 and was voted ‘Peoples Choice’ with his piece ‘The BFF’ at the 2022 Auckland Art Show. 
Recently Clint has developed a new collection of work dubbed ‘Retrovision’ that dives into his youthful nostalgic memories of the 1970’s -80’s.


Clint has work scattered all across New Zealand.
You can find where his art is located below.


Feel free to contact Clint below if you have any questions or if you are interested in a commissioned piece (spaces limited) or direct message via Facebook or Instagram.

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